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        Zamzar is a facility to convert files to different format online, in simple four step process and with smooth experience. It provides various format and inter compatibility to convert. So next time when you need to convert a doc file to pdf you can use Zamzar.


Zamzar – The largest format online file conversion

When we go serious on our business and important files, one most important issue poking us is the wide variety of files floating on the internet and the numbers of types of files are numerous. We are adding up friends day by day, as our social networking engagements are growing day by day. Different files are being shared and we now don’t have a single option. We have many options. Some are working on Microsoft work; excel.... others who want to be clean by not using pirated version of office package use Open Office org or Abiword or other format. Your friend has given you an new song but with an unknown format to your media player... you got an pdf file but you want it in word or vice versa. This issue is increasing. And fortunately there are number of format converter tool worldwide. But installing a file format converter in desktop may not be fruitful as day by day new format are being added in the clue, and at the same time you may not be with your laptop all the time. You may need to access public computer..etc etc...

Catering the need, online file conversion software's coming up. Which ironically need no installation to your PC and can be used from anywhere. Zamzar is one of them. And will lots of added features with their competitor.

You can convert a file if you have an email id, which is the requirement only. Zamzar has membership system, but that is not mandatory, but if you avail you will be blessed with added facilities.

The most important in Zamzar the wide variety of files conversion they are offering. And for all category, like document, video, audio etc. Its very important so that you don’t need to search other different conversion tool for different conversion needs.

There are simple four step to file conversion.

1.      Select the file you want to convert.


2.      Now depending upon the file you selected Zamzar will select the category ( like docs, pdf, music, video, photo, ebook, others) for which you will be given different file format to convert. So choose your format.


3.      Give email id where the file will go.


4.      Wait, the file is coming to your email.


Yapp...check your email..........

  A mail will come to your mailbox containing the link where you can download the converted files. The file conversion to different format is generally error free and in good quality. The most important thing is the variety of format they offer which is amazing in list.

One important thing to remember is the file mailed to you is stored for one day in Zamzar server for your download. You can download unlimited times from that link.

Recently Zamzar introduced new feature of video converter. You can convert youtube video or video from other sources to different format and save. It can be useful if you want video for your mobile, iphone, ipad and like devises. You need to give the URL of the video or you can browse video file from your pc. If you give URL, Zamzar will upload the video to their server and convert for you in your defined format. More than ten video formats are supported now. After converting the file will be sending to your email as usual. You can upload and convert file up to 100 mb normally.


A full format list can be found here

Zamzar has also the facility of creating account at their end and if you crate an account you will be having lots of premium feature.  For a $7 per month basic account you will get the facility to upload file up to 200mb for conversion, concurrent conversion 7, online storage of 5 GB, and an inbox to manage your files. Email support will be there for you. For pro and business there will be much more storage and SSL security.

Its a clean and smooth experience with Zamzar for file conversion. And may be for this, where the site still in beta some of world renown services like DELL, Philips, Virgin Mobile use zamzar for their purpose.


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